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Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: What is the goal of the Retire Early Program?
A: To enable our members to receive quality traffic and generate PASSIVE income in excess of $1,000,000 per annum through participation in our Loyalty Program and other Income Generating Strategies that we employ.

Q: I am already a member of the programs that are contained within the "Million Dollar Income Strategy" system ie, Traffic Wave, GDI, BMT, do I have to rejoin?
A: NO, however if you do not have a downline in any of these programs, please consider rejoining through the links in your RET Members Area. We are building as a Team, so please support your fellow Team Members by joining through these links in your RET Members Area.

Q: Can I really make money with your system?
A: You will if you follow the Marketing Strategy outlined in the members area, yes. Even up to a $1,000,000 plus per annum. Please understand while this amount is totally possible, I cannot guarantee this. However, if you apply yourself, then we have provided the means to make that happen for you.

Q: Is it compulsory for me to join as a Pro Member?
A: No, but there are a great many benefits for you to consider being a Pro Member. For $6.00 per month you can earn commissions. You are also placed into our Loyalty Program and if you are promoting any sort of program on the Internet, then our Downline Builder, as well as the banner and text impressions that you will receive, will assist you to grow that business. With
500 page views per month of your RET Affiliate page, you can turn your RET business into a totally PASSIVE income stream.

Q: I know very little about Internet Marketing, can I succeed with your program?
A: Yes you will. Once you become a member you will be given a link to the training materials, which will explain to you in detail how to set up your RET business.

Q: What Payment Processors do you accept?
A: Solid Trust Pay and Payza. Pay Pal is not an option.

Q: You say that Recruiting is optional, how is that so?
A: When you join and upgrade to Pro Member, you will receive 500 displays of your RET Affiliate Page per month. As a Gold Member, you will receive an escalating amount displays of your RET Affiliate Page as you progress through the Gold Member Team Build.

Q: If have joined as a Gold Member and yet in my members area I am still shown as a free member. Is that correct?
A: Yes. However, unlike members who join the Retire Early Team program and have never joined the newsletter or the Core Program, your account will not be cancelled after 7 days. When you decide to upgrade to Pro membership, only then will your account alter from free to Pro.

Q: As a Pro Member, I am entitled to commissions. How often are they paid and how do I claim them?
A: Commissions of $1.50 per month are paid on each Pro Member that you personally introduce into your RET business. In your RET membership area there is a link called "Withdrawal". All you need to do is to click on that link and it will alert me to the fact that there is a commission payment request. Provided your balance in your commission account is $6.00 or more, I will make the payment through the same Payment Processor that you use to make your monthly Pro Ret payments. This will happen usually within 48 hours of the request being made. If you commission balance is less than $6.00, that balance will be carried over until you have attained the $6.00 threshold.

Q: I am a member of some of the programs. Do I have to change sponsor to join the Retire Early Team Business?
A: No. That's the beauty of our marketing system. We will allow you to retain your sponsorship in what ever other programs you are in. ie Traffic Wave, GDI, 4 Corners, F5M - no need to change sponsors.

Q: I am not a Pro or Gold Member so I have to recruit, but I haven't had much success at that. Can I still make money with your program?
A: Yes. We have a full range of training and marketing materials and you are guided all the way. Also if there is something you don't understand you can always contact me by email. I am here to see that you succeed and I really mean that.

Q: How much time do you suggest that I spend on marketing?
A: I guess it all depends on how much money you want to make and how quick you want to make it. I would suggest at least 5 hours per week. Do that for three months and you will be amazed at the income you will generate for yourself.

Q: In my members area I am showing as a free member, yet I have joined the Core Program program. Why is that so?
A: The only two memberships that we show in the members area are Free and Pro members. Remember, to maintain your membership you must have joined the My Complete Business program or have upgraded your membership to Pro or Gold Member status. People who have not done that have their account cancelled after 7 days as they are not serious about making money.

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