Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program is something that you won't find anywhere on the Internet. It is specifically designed to reward you for being a loyal member of RET......and reward you, I mean big time!

It's sole purpose is to gain entry into our Gold Members Team Build!

There are two ways to access the Loyalty Program:

1. To Upgrade to Pro Member through the Upgrade Account link in your members area.

2. Purchase a one time $12 Advertising Pack.

The Loyalty Program has several elements to it, so I will address each segment as a separate issue.

1. Banner Impressions

When you upgrade to Pro Member set up and pay your $6.00, you receive 1,000 RET banner impressions. These banners are coded with your affiliate link and are shown in rotation, across all the advertising mediums that we use. Principally they will be Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers.

Every month that I receive your $6.00 membership, I will increase the amount of impressions of these banners by 1,000. So in the second month you will receive 2,000 banners, the 3rd month 3,000 impressions etc right up to your 10th month, where you will receive 10,000 banner impressions.

From month 11 onwards, you will receive 5,000 banner impressions for each month that your consecutive subscriptions are received.

The table below shows how this works:

Month New Impressions per month Total Cumulative Received
1 1,000 1,000
2 2,000 3,000
3 3,000 6,000
4 4,000 10,000
5 5,000 15,000
6 6,000 21,000
7 7,000 28,000
8 8,000 36,000
9 9,000 45,000
10 10,000 55,000
11 5,000 60,000
12 5,000 65,000
So at the end of 12 months, you would have received 65,000 banner impressions, shown across the Internets top Manual Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers, all advertising your RET affiliate business.

I can almost guarantee that you will have new members joining you in your RET business. And remember for each new Pro member that forms part of your team, you will receive $1.50 per month when they upgrade their account to Pro.

2. Pro Member Team Build

Every month, each time I receive a subscription payment, that member is added to our Pro Member Team Build.

Every 8 members who renews, pushes you up one place on that list.

When you are at the top of that list, you will receive a position in our Gold Member Team Build.

3. Gold Member Team Build

This is where it gets exciting!

The Gold Member Team Build is designed to allow you to receive paid entry into 4 wealth creating programs:

a) F5M - Silver Level Upgrade

b) My Complete Business

c) 4 Corners Alliance - Upgraded membership to level 3

4) Super 2 x 7 Matrix

All of these programs have the potential to make you a million dollarincome. To see details of each of these programs, click on the link under each name. - Do Not Join Through these links. You can join any of these programs through your RET members area under the Taem Build Program Tabs

I use a series of rotators to administer this list. It's rather complex, so by clicking through this link you will understand how it is done. Do Not Join Through this link. You join through your RET members area.

4. E Books - (Pro Member Only)

Each month you will receive a free E-Book. Now these E Books are not junk, but are designed to increase your knowledge of Internet Marketing. Wherever possible, I will source E Books that have Resale Rights attached to them so that you can if you so desire, make even more money through the sale of them.